From American Girl dolls to Mercedes, CB2 to Adidas, Levinson Locations takes them all!  Check out the testimonials below to see what some of our clients think of us (we like them A LOT too)!




Jim Wooldridge, Director and Curator of Sr. Wooly

“It was a pleassure working with Levinson Locations.  I just couldn’t find anything that worked and you came up with an answer in about 24 hours.  Amazing.  For the sheer amount of work that I typically put into finding locations for these projects, you guys seem like a bargain.”



Larry Lundy, Set Designer Extraordinaire

“Had the good fortune of working with Annie on a video project which she location scouted and managed. She brings so much to the table, a workable plan, great rapport with her locations, a true sense of collaboration and that always welcome extra . . .a sense of humor. The definition of a win-win situation. Annie is great.”



Adam Wilde, Studio Manager and Senior Photographer at TRG Reality

“Doing a 4-day, outdoor, night video shoot out of town would have been near impossible without the immensely helpful Kate Levinson Locations.  We would have never been able to come close to the results we produced without Emily from Levinson Locations going far above and beyond. Emily felt much more like a producer than any location scout I’ve ever worked with. She was meticulously organized, engaging, punctual and always willing to lend a helping hand. I would recommend them to anyone looking for reliable, hard working location services partner.”



Dana Littlefield, Executive Producer at Crate and Barrel & CB2

“Levinson Locations means quality. Kate’s personal integrity makes every Levinson Location a success. I know Kate will take care of my team and the location with equal dedication. Beyond Kate’s location library she is constantly working to discover new resources. Not only does Kate serve us as a scout, but in all aspects of location production. Kate’s vivacious energy enhances every collaboration. Crate and Barrel and CB2 appreciate the quality and the commitment of Levinson Locations.”



Robin Croke, colleague

“Kate Levinson is the best damn Location scout around! I’ve worked with Kate on many photo and film shoots around the city. Kate always finds the greatest locations with the easiest going homeowners, which always makes for a smooth and stress free shoot. Not only is Kate an awesome location scout, Kate’s awesome herself. If you find yourself in need of a great location for your upcoming shoot, then Kate’s the gal for you.”



Tereasa Surratt, agency creative and homeowner
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative

“Kate is our go-to location scout when we need a perfect space and we needed it yesterday. Her un-matched work ethic is what impressed us first, and her ‘beginning to end’ oversight on shoots is why we have her on speed dial.”



K.C. Norman, director
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Kate has a great book of locations and is very resourceful when presented with challenges. She worked hard to find what was needed, stayed in budget, and she was always as quick with a joke as she was to laugh at one.”



Jon Millerphotographer
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Working with Kate is a pleasure. She has abundant energy and brings a very creative, open approach to working with a creative team. She works hard and gets it done.”



Amy DiTomasso, homeowner

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Kate Levinson on several projects via Levinson Locations. Kate scouted my home for use in commercial product photography. We’ve established a wonderful working relationship. She is easy to work with, very efficient, has excellent communication & follow up skills & has an amazing eye for what she does. I would highly recommend Kate & Levinson Locations.”



Jonathan Levin, photographer
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I had a project that required a hospital location for a large pharma company. That is hard enough to find on a normal day, but when the assignment coincides with spring break and Easter, well… Kate worked directly with me to secure location, props, assistant, make up, the whole nine yards. We ended up not even shooting at a hospital, but with a great touch of creativity and styling, she pulled off the job and the agency and client were pleased. And we all got paid! Kate’s mad sense of humor matches my own, so we fit really well. If you are a bore, and have no sense of humor, keep going down your list. And she makes a mean pasta with mushroom and caper marinara sauce. Providing that my clients can come up with some dough for a real photo shoot some day that involves location scouting and propping, Kate will be my first call.”



Cyndee Keiserhomeowner
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“I LOVE Kate! She has been a bright spot in my experience with location scouts! Kate is like a ray of sunshine when she walks in the door and always makes me, as the homeowner, feel like my house is totally AWESOME. Keep the jobs coming, Kate!

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