MoPro Chicago

MoPro Chicago is a full-service production motorhome and Levinson Location’s preferred motorhome vendor! They provide services for photo, film, commercials, and anything else that you may need space for. Their philosophy is that your motorhome should pull its weight. They offer valet-style service with your moho rental with a driver who is on-site to help with anything you need.

MoPro Chicago comes fully equipped with everything you need.

  • 3 makeup stations
  • All inclusive wardrobe area with steamer, iron and racks
  • Production office with plenty of desk space and stocked with printer, copier and office supplies
  • Bathroom
  • WiFi
  • 4 folding tables and 12 Chairs
  • Attached awning as well as 2 pop-up tents
  • Foldable cart – Tipke Foldit 2100
  • Full kitchen
  • Keurig coffee machine
  • Full location support
  • Expert knowledge of Chicago and the surrounding areas

The President of the company is Michael Muschong. His motto is “I’m here to help”. He can be reached at 847.489.1057 and [email protected]. Or you can visit their website for more details.