Quiet Enjoyment of Rental Space Without Unnecessary Interference
With all photo shoots on location, the client is renting the designated space for use. Producer and the location owner shall work together regarding rules and restrictions of the location, as it pertains to this agreement. Location owner shall not interfere with the crew or the set. The location owner shall have access to their property while the space is being rented on an as-needed basis only. Location owner shall not take pictures, post or blog about the shoot.
Site Inspection, Damages
Production is responsible for documenting existing damage prior to the shoot. Production is responsible for documenting damage caused during the shoot. Location owner will assess the location and report any unreported damages within 24 hours of the production moving out. If the parties cannot agree on compensation for property damage, Kate Levinson Locations will make the decision on what will be paid out/covered. It is understood that if a final walkthrough is impossible, Kate Levinson Locations will determine coverage based on reasonable consideration.
In the event of damage to the property, Kate Levinson Locations, Inc will facilitate the repairs at the cost of the production company.
Use of Property In Rental Space
Reasonable precaution shall be taken to ensure that the location is treated with the utmost care and caution.  This includes protecting surfaces and walls from damage. Furniture/items may be moved as well as used in the photography. A representative of Kate Levinson Locations, Inc. will be made available to manage the shoot if there are over 25 crew members or at the request of the production company. Rates available upon inquiry.
The company renting the location is responsible for returning the location in the same or better condition than it was found. This includes removing all production-related equipment and signage on the property and nearby streets. A cleaning fee of $200 will be charged to the company renting the location if it is left in any condition other than that which it was found. This will be determined by reasonable consideration between Kate Levinson Locations, Inc and the location owner after the production moves out.
Production shall procure and maintain general liability insurance coverage against claims for bodily injury, death, and property damage occurring in connection with the production’s use of the location. Such coverage shall be primary and not contributory. This insurance must name the location as additional insured. Production must provide Kate Levinson Locations with a certificate of Insurance evidencing this coverage prior to the first date of the photo or video shoot. 
Kate Levinson Locations, Inc., shall not be liable to any person for any action or omission, negligent, tortious or otherwise, of any party to this Agreement, including any agent, employee, affiliate, independent contractor, subsidiary, parent, assign, or other representative, in the performance of or related to this Agreement. The parties to this Agreement hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Kate Levinson Locations, Inc.  from and against any liability, loss, damage, cost or expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) by reason of any such act or omission.  
Non-Circumvention Clause
You may not use any location introduced to you through Kate Levinson Locations, Inc without going through Kate Levinson Locations, Inc.
The Parties to this Agreement (including any agent, employee, affiliate, independent contractor, subsidiary, parent, assign, or other representative) shall refrain from soliciting business and contracts from sources introduced to them by Kate Levinson Locations, Inc. without the express permission Kate Levinson Locations, Inc. In addition, all Parties to this Agreement will maintain complete confidentiality regarding parties introduced by Kate Levinson Locations, Inc.
Additionally, the Parties to this Agreement hereby agree not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent Kate Levinson Locations, Inc. with respect to any introduction or sources made available by Kate Levinson Locations, Inc. In the event of either direct or indirect circumvention of sources provided by Kate Levinson Locations, Inc., if proven and commissions have been lost, Kate Levinson Locations, Inc. will be entitled to monetary compensation equal to three times the maximum service fee it would realize from such a transaction, plus expenses, including, but not limited to legal expenses that may later be incurred while attempting to recover lost revenue.


By contacting Kate Levinson Locations, Inc.  or by visiting any Levinson Locations website you automatically are held accountable for having read and understood anything that is in this document and agree to our policies written herein.



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